Writings and Talks

Bucher, T. (2018). IF…THEN: Algorithmic power and politics. Oxford University Press.

Peer-reviewed journal articles 

Bucher, T. (2017) The Algorithmic Imaginary: Exploring the ordinary affects of Facebook algorithms. Information, Communication and Society, 17 (1): 30-44.

Bucher, T. (2016) ‘Machines don’t have instincts’: Articulating the computational in journalism. New Media & Societydoi:10.1177/1461444815624182

Bucher, T. (2015) Networking, or what the social means in social media. Social Media + Society, 1(1).

Bucher, T. (2014)  About a bot: Hoax, fake, performance art. M/C Journal special issue on ‘Persona’

Bucher, T. (2013) Objects of intense feeling: The case of the Twitter APIs. Computational Culture (3).

Bucher, T. (2013) The Friendship Assemblage: Investigating programmed sociality on Facebook. Television & New Media, 14 (6): 495-509. Published online before print, August 24, 2012.

Bucher, T. (2012) Want to be on the top? Algorithmic power and the threat of invisibility on Facebook. New Media & Society, 14(7): 1164–1180.   

Bucher, T. (2012) A technicity of attention: How software ‘makes sense’. Culture Machine, vol. 13pdf.

Book chapters

Bucher, T. (2018) Cleavage Control: Three stories about algorithmic culture and power in the case of the YouTube ‘Reply Girls’, in Papacharissi, Z. (Ed.) A Networked Self: Platforms, Stories, Connections. New York: Routledge.

Bucher, Taina, and Anne Helmond. 2017. “The Affordances of Social Media Platforms.” In The SAGE Handbook of Social Media, edited by Jean Burgess, Thomas Poell, and Alice Marwick. London: SAGE Publications Ltd. [pre-print pdf]

Bucher, T. (2016) Neither black nor box: Ways of knowing algorithms, in S. Kubitschko and A. Kaun (eds.) Innovative Methods in Media and Communication Research. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Bucher, T. (2016) Database, in K. Bruhn Jensen and R. Craig (eds) International Encyclopedia of Communication Theory and Philosophy. Wiley-Blackwell.

Bucher, T. (2016) Algorithms as New Objects of Journalism, in M. Eide, H. Sjøvaag, and L.O.Larsen (eds) Journalism Re-examined. Digital Challenges and Professional Reorientations. Intellect.

Bucher, T. (2014) Sosiale medier og frihetens algoritmiske betingelser, i S. H. Gullbekk (red.) Ja, vi elsker frihet. Oslo: Dreyer. pdf. [This is a chapter on algorithms and liberty, for a book that examines different perspectives on liberty on the occasion of Norway’s 200 year anniversary]

Bucher, T. (2014) Det besværlige nettet: overvåking i dagens tekniske og sosiale mediekultur, i Liv Hausken, Sara Rundgren og Trine K. Haagensen (red.) Fra terror til overvåking. Vidarforlaget. Forventet utgitt høsten 2014. [This chapter entiteled ‘The unruly web: surveillance in contemporary media culture’ discusses the role of surveillance in and through social media as part of a book on surveillance after the Norwegian terror attacks]


Programmed Sociality: A Software Studies Perspective on Social Networking Sites. PhD dissertation, Faculty of Humanities, UiO. 2012. pdf.

Selected talks and conference presentations 

Keynote at ‘Tomorrow’s media research’, 30-year anniversary conference at the Department of Media and Communications, University of Oslo, August 2017.

’Revisiting the black box’, ICA, San Diego, May 2017.

Plenary at the ‘The Digital Everyday Conference’, Kings College University of London, May 2017.

’Algorithmic identity’, AoIR, Berlin, October 2016.

’Affordances in social media platforms’, AoIR, Berlin, October 2016.

‘The Algorithmic Imaginary: Exploring the ordinary affects of Facebook algorithms’, ICA, Fukuoka, Japan, June 2016.

‘Conceptualizing botness, ICA, Fukuoka, Japan, June 2016.

Invited speaker at the ‘Knowing Algorithms: Ethics and Epistemology of Machine Learning’ conference, Work Foundation, London, March 2016.

Invited speaker at the LSE Dept. of Management spring seminar series, Department of Management, London School of Economics and Political Science, March 2016.

Invited participant at the ‘Who Controls the Public Sphere in an Era of Algorithms’ workshop, Data & Society, New York City, February 2016.

‘Making ‘news value’: Valuation practices in algorithmic journalism’, 4S, Denver, 11-14 Nov 2015.

‘Conceptualizing ‘botness’’, 4S, Denver, 11-14 Nov 2015.

‘Cleavage Control: Exploring Algorithmic Culture and Resistance in the Case of YouTube ‘Reply Girls”, SCMS, Montreal, 25- 29 March 2015.

‘Digitale visjoner: Om algoritmers estetiske og kulturelle betydning’, Keynote at the biannual Norwegian Media associations conference, October 2014.

‘Examining bots as users of the platform’, ECREA, 12-15 November 2014.

‘Theorizing “right time”: Kairos and algorithmic culture’. Part of the panel ‘Making time, making space’ at the Social Media and the Transformation of Public Space conference in Amsterdam 18-20 June 2014.

‘Putting protocols to work: On the politics of the Twitter APIs’. Part of the panel ‘Social Media and the Transformation of Value, Value & Subjectivity’, at the Social Media and the Transformation of Public Space conference in Amsterdam 18-20 June 2014.

‘Platform politics as seen in the Twitter APIs’. Presented at AoIR 14, Denver, USA, October 2013.

‘Objects of Intense Feeling: Exploring the Enactive Powers of APIs’. Presented at Compromised data? New paradigms in social media theory and methods. Hosted by Ryerson University and University of Ontario Institute of Technology, October 28-29, 2013.

‘Unruly media: how the social complicates surveillance’. Part of the panel ‘Imaging surveillance – a critical prospect’, to be presented at Nordmedia, August 2013.

‘Algorithms in the news: Understanding their contexts, workings, and implications’. Invited talk at Journalistic reorientations – Encountering the digital, University of Bergen, 6-7 June 2013.

‘Programmed publics’, part of the panel ‘Social media platforms between private, public, and commercial space’. MiT8 conference at MIT, 3-5 May 2013.

The power structures of Facebook. Invited talk at Negotiating (In)visibilities, Copenhapen, 13-14 March 2013.

Art practices and digital media. Guest lecture, University of Oslo, 19 March 2013.

Generation we/me. Finnes den gode delekulturen? Invited talk at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo, 19 March 2013.

(U)synlighet i sosiale medier [(In)visibility in social media]. The surveillance seminar: A critical view on surveillance in Norway after the 22 July report, University of Oslo, November 2012.

“Threshold of visibility: on the politics of apprearing and disappearing on News Feed”, presented at 4S/EASST in Copenhagen, October 2012.

“Algorithmically constructed visibility: the case of Facebook News Feed”, presented at AOIR 13 in Salford, UK, October 2012.

Invited short presentation at the workshop “Social media: The next five years” at  Social Media and Information Practices, University of Borås, November 2011

“Threat of invisibility: investigating Panopticism in Facebook” presented as part of the panel ‘Technologies of Visibility’ at NordMedia11, Akureyri, Iceland 11-13 August 2011.

“Software Studies: Application and Implication”. Presented at the 11th annual conference of the Association of Internet Researchers, Göteborg, Sweden. October 21-23 2010.

“Between culture and code: on the problems and possibilities of software studies and the implications for social media research”. Presented at the 3rd European Communication conference, Hamburg, Germany. October 12-15 2010.

“Technicity of Attention: on immediacy and the update sphere”. Presented at the European Science Foundation conference “Paying Attention: Digital Media Cultures and Generational Responsibility”, Linköping, Sweden. September 6-10 2010.

“Technologies of Immediacy: A Critical Investigation Into the Shaping Effects of Software Functionalities”. Paper presented at the 10th annual conference of the Association of Internet Researchers, Milwaukee, USA, 2009.

”The rhetorics of participatory culture: investigating a case of citizen journalism”. Presentation at Politics: Web 2.0: An International Conference, Royal Holloway, London 18 April, 2008.



About a bot: Interview with Katie Rose Pipkin, Furtherfield.org, 7 December 2015.

Det store Facebook-eksperimentet. My two cents on the Facebook experiment. Morgenbladet, 4 July, 2014 (Norwegian).

Machine visions: James Bridle on drones, bots and the New Aesthetic, Furtherfield.org, 16 October 2013.

Deler du ikke, så er du ikke. Debate article about the rhetoric of sharing in social media. I wrote the article as a response to Heidi Nordby Lunde, who first wrote a very celebratory chronicle about prticipatory culture and collaborative consumption. Aftenposten, August 7 2012 (Norwegian).

Is Seeing Believing? Taina Bucher interviews curator Gaia Tedone, Furtherfield.org, 3 January 2012

Romslig arkitektur, Utflukt Oktober 2011 (editor of Norwegian arts and culture magazine Utflukt’s special issue on architecture, together with Siri Katinka Valdez)

Network as Material: An Interview with Julian Oliver, Furtherfield.org, 16. June 2011

Interview with Jens Wunderling, Rhizome.org, 25.May 2011

Kriser satt på kartet: nye medier mellom demokrati og diktatur, Utflukt Mai/Juni 2011 (Norwegian)

Anxieties of Social Networking: An Interview with Liz Filardi, Furtherfield.org, 25. February 2011

Vår alles bestevenn. Chronicle about Google and the politics of web search. Dagbladet, 22. December 2009 (Norwegian).

Politisk engasjement anno 2009. Chronicle about political participation on and through Facebook. Published in the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, 18. January 2009 (Norwegian).

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