Picks of the week

To put the best knowledge about the future of Facebook into the hands of the public, we’ve launched The Future of Facebook – an Open Foresight project. The goal is to synthesize expert commentary and public insights about the world’s leading social media platform into easily digestible, visually rich, commons-owned videos that can easily spread and generate ongoing public participation in the project (about the Future of Facebook)

  • Facebook userscripts: a good chance you’ll find what you’ve been looking for in order to customize your Facebook
  • How Can We Understand Code as a “Critical Artifact” ? Interview with Mark Marino on Critical Code Studies by Henry Jenkins (in two separate parts)
  • Videos from the conference ‘Science and Technology: The Next 20 years‘, held at Harvard University April 7-9. 2011 (from somatosphere.net)
  • Seeing things, nice video talk by Ian Bogost for the Third Object-Oriented Ontology Symposium (Sept 14, The New School)