September update

It has been a hectic couple of months and even more hectic it will become until next spring/summer when my PhD thesis is due. Since July 21 when I last updated the blog, Norway and Oslo have become world news. This week I attended  a seminar with cognitive scientist Mark Turner. He presented the work that he currently does together with Norwegian professor Francis Steen on the construction of the  UCLA Communication Studies Archive. They had been looking for a world-wide news story coming from Norway with regards to their archival work and there had never (!!) been one, until July 22. I think everybody here was glued to the television and online news in the following weeks!

In August I went to Akureyri, Island for the NordMedia conference, where my colleagues from the Media Aesthetics group and I organized a panel on Technologies of Visibility. It was a great trip with lots of hot springs bathing.

Sadly I had to cancel other conferences as I have decided to fully concentrate on writing. I would love to have been able to attend the Rewire 11 conference talking about social media art, or going to the upcoming Media Acts talking about software as a medium and listening to Rancière. But then there is always a time after the PhD, or is there? One of the things I will do, however, is to attend a two day workshop about social media and information practices at the University of Borås in November, where I have been invited along with a couple of other scholars from each of the scandinavian countries to give my perspective on where I see social media heading in the next 5 years. Should be fun.

I have been somewhat busy editing the forthcoming issue of the Norwegian cultural and arts magazine Utflukt. Each issue is themed, not very unlike my other favorite magazine Cabinet, and the theme for our upcoming issue is Architecture. I’ve been reading a lot of interesting architecture related stuff, especially with regards to digital architecture. One of my favorite academic journals, Grey Room, has come especially handy in this regard. Some really nice articles of lately are Eva Díaz’s Dome Culture in the Twenty-first Century (Winter 2011) on Buckminster Fuller and impossible forms as well as Reinhold Martin’s Financial Imaginaries: Toward a Philosophy of the City (also Winter 2011). I’ve also become a huge fan of the Writing Architecture series, MIT Press, especially Mario Carpo’s new book The Alphabet and the Algorithm. But hey, once I was at it, I just had to get Elisabeth Grosz’s Architecture from the Outside, John Rajchman’s Constructions (I mean I loved his article on Foucault from 1988..don’t remember the name), and Bernard Cache’s Earth Moves. Great, great books.