Rob Kitchin and Martin Dodge’s suggestions for further research in Software Studies

  1. Detailed ethnographic studies of how developers produce code and the life of software projects (p. 247)
  2. Develop a subarea of software studies – algorithm studies – that carefully unpicks the ways in which algorithms are products of knowledge about the world and how they produce knowledge that is then applied, altering the world in a recursive fashion (p. 248) How? For instance by conducting a detailed archaeology of how algorithms come to be constructed and how an algorithm then translates and mutates across projects to be reemployed in diverse ways (p. 255)
  3. Core agenda for software studies should be to produce detailed case studies of how software does work in the world (p. 249) for instance through observant participation (p. 256-257)
  4. Develop systematic examinations of how software seduces (or fails to seduce) people while simultaneously disciplining them (p. 250)
  5. In-depth case studies that examine how and why people adopt and submit to certain software products, outlining the complex and contingent ways that people understand and react to the discursive and affective fields surrounding software-enabled technologies (p. 250)
  6. Examining the discursive regimes surrounding software. How are discursive regimes assembled over time by a variety of vested interests? How are discourses promoted and countered and how does it unfold to shape how software is developed, deployed, and received? (p. 251)
  7. Explore questions regarding the ethics of code: how should the world be captured in code to minimize negative impacts, and how might code do work in the world that is beneficial to the largest number of people? (p. 251)
  8. Using software to map out aspects of the work of code trough data and info visualization techniques (p. 257)

Kitchin, R., and Dodge, M. (2011) Code/Space: Software and Everyday Life. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.

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