Picks of the week

  • Ever wondered what mediation really means? Or what the buzzword affect signifies? What Lacan meant by object petit a? We’re all in need of some clarification from time to time on those concepts we so frequently use as media scholars. The Chicago School of Media Theory has assembled a great resource on the meaning of keywords in media theory.
  • HASTAC scholars discussion on Critical Code Studies: A year ago I was part of a working group online dedicated to discuss source code from a humanistic perspective under the label of Critical Code Studies. Now many of the same scholars have returned to discuss issues of code within the Humanities in a more open forum context. Do Digital Humanities scholars need to know how to code? What frameworks can the Humanities disciplines and their theoretical approaches provide for reading and interpreting code? What insights does the code offer the cultural critique of a digital object and what are the tools and methods for doing so? Check out some of the responses to these questions by Stephanie August, Wendy Chun, David M. Berry, Matt Kirschenbaum, Mark Marino, Todd Millstein, Tara McPherson, Mark Sample, and other influential scholars.

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