I’m in NYC this spring as a visiting scholar at the Department of Media, Culture and Communication, NYU. The intellectual stimuli and the peace (who’d guessed) to work here is great. Some of the things that I think about these days:

  • software studies: what is it and what should it be? Can it be something in between culture and code, or is it the and that counts? Is balance possible at all and  if not, who should “win”, the computer scientists or the cultural analysts?
  • what methologies can we use to circumvent disciplinary clinches of software studies?
  • how can we delineate software? Where do you draw the boundaries between software and hardware? or what would be the consequence of illimitability?
  • how to avoid screen essentialism when studying social networking sites taken into account that most of the code remains hidden? 
  • can we study ‘just’ the building without taking the architect, the concrete of the walls, or the people walking through it into account?

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