I’m a media researcher, based in Oslo, Norway. I work as an associate professor in screen cultures at the Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo. From 2013-2019 I worked as an associate professor in communication and IT, University of Copenhagen.

I recently published the book IF…THEN: Algorithmic power and politics with Oxford University Press (2018). Currently I’m working on a book about Facebook for Polity Press. See Writings and Talks for more information about my publications.

I am an editorial board member of three media and communications’ journals: New Media & Society; Information, Communication & Society; Social Media + Society.

I got my PhD in media studies from the University of Oslo in the Department of Media and Communiaction, in 2012. My PhD dissertation entitled Programmed Sociality: A Software Studies Perspective on Social Networking Sites concerns the ways in which social media platforms have become central forces in the construction of sociality, developing an understand of how social networking software mediate and govern practices of everyday life. It was awarded the Association of Internet Researchers annual dissertaion award in 2013.

Previously, I have been a visting scholar at The New School (2015), New York City, the Infoscape Research Lab (2011), Ryerson University, and at the Department of Media, Culture and Communication (2010), New York University.

I hold an MSc in Culture & Society from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and a BA in Culture and Communication from the University of Oslo and Art History from Lund University.


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